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Nelson Liquidation Sale

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Nelson Vintage Cars & Antique Parts Shreveport, LA Parts Liquidation Sale
Invitation to Wholesalers to Inspect and Offer for Large Quantities Only
I have decided to sell off my 40 year collection of American 1920’s thru 1970’s auto parts. Thousands of NOS, NORS, used body and drive train parts. Auto parts include dealer inventories of obsolete parts, auto parts, obsolete rebuilt parts, and used parts.
Engines (rebuilt and cores), heads, radiators, starters, generators, fuel pumps, water pumps, ignition tune up parts, distributors, suspension components, carburetors, and carburetor kits, clutches, flywheels, brake system components (shoes, rivets, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, and automotive accessories), tail light lenses, windshields, grilles, and more.
Over 250 American Vintage cars, pickups, busses, and big trucks for parts or restoration projects. Refer to Cars and Parts magazine Sept 2009 for a brief description. I am only interested in bulk sales no individual sales inquiries. The complete inventory is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have no computerized inventory list. Interested buyers/dealers call to set up an appointment to view inventory. Wholesale prices for bulk sales.

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